Freitag, 13. Juni 2014

6 days to go

All of your flaws and all of my flaws
When they have been exhumed
We'll see that we need them to be who we are
Without them we'd be doomed
There's a hole in my soul
I can't fill it, I can't fill it.
- Bastille -

Lass nun alles hinter mir, hin zu dir, hingeführt
Sie sagten Liebe vernebelt, doch ich war blind vor dir.
- Casper -

No law is gonna change us
We have to change us
Whatever God you believe in
We come from the same one
Strip away the fear
Underneath it's all the same love
- Macklemore -

Don’t you cry for the lost
Smile for the living
Get what you need and give what you’re given
Life’s for the living so live it
Or you’re better off dead
- Passenger -

Hurricane 2014 ♥